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icuserver offers you a 2-year theft indemnity.

If your ICU CLOM camera is stolen in the first 2 years after purchase, you will receive a discount on the purchase price of a new camera in our shop. Report the theft of the camera officially to the police and send us the theft report. We will save your camera as stolen and send you a discount code:

Discount amount: (as at 22/02/2024)
icucam 5 / CLOM Cam 5 ... EUR 119.50
icueasy / CLOM EasyCam ... EUR 99.50
CLOM Cam-S ... EUR 74.50

The discount code can be used once and is valid for both models.


This service only applies to icuserver 4G cameras and is only for the original purchaser. The discount code is only valid once and can only be applied to a new icucam 5 or icueasy. Valid for all cameras purchased during the promotion period. Promotion valid until cancelled. We will also mark your camera in our system as "stolen"This means that it can no longer be put into operation or used by anyone else without our authorisation.