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Trade in any old game camera now and get
25 € 1 or 50 € 2 Instant discount on the purchase of the new icucam 5 (incl. 4000 COINs)!

1 for trade-in of a game camera without transmit function or W-LAN (independent of manufacturer &) Functionality)
2 for trade-in of a game camera with transmit function (independent of manufacturer & functionality)

"*" indicates required fields

Which camera would you like to trade in?

In order for us to prepare your order voucher, we need to know which camera you are sending us as a trade-in item. In any case, we will dispose of the camera properly. We do not test the functionality of the camera.
Give us a short info about the brand of the camera or the type designation here so that we can match and verify this.
Camera type*
Only cameras with a SIM card are considered to be "radio-capable". Please specify cameras with W-LAN as "wireless".


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Frequently asked questions

What can I exchange for a voucher code? 

Only wildlife cameras are eligible for exchange into a voucher code. Distinguishing features are outdoor capability and camouflage patterns etc. (demonstrative listing). Not all devices are eligible for credit. Issuance of codes is based on the device received matching the description provided at the time of the request. ICUserver GmbH reserves the right to reject a device for any reason or to limit the number of devices. Only game cameras with 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS or 4G/LTE transmission modules are considered to be wireless cameras. The functionality of the transmitting unit is not a prerequisite. All other wildlife cameras are considered "wireless" wildlife cameras.  

What do I have to pay particular attention to? 

The sender of the exchange camera is solely responsible for removing all its data, including secret and personal data, before the device is shipped. ICUserver GmbH is neither responsible nor liable for lost files or data.  

The game cameras will only be accepted at the address given, Talpagasse 6, 1230 Vienna, Austria.  

Where can the voucher be redeemed? 

The voucher code can only be redeemed in the icuserver-onlineshop. 

How long can the voucher be redeemed? 

The voucher code can only be exchanged for a icucam 5 (incl. 4,000 COINs) can be redeemed. The promotion is valid until revoked by icuserver. In the event of a time overlap between the revocation of the promotion and the arrival of the camera at ICUserver GmbH, a 45 calendar day transition period will apply in favour of the sender of the game camera from the time the promotion ends. 

Who can redeem the voucher? 

The voucher code can be redeemed by the holder. 

For which products can the voucher be redeemed? 

A voucher code can only be used for ONE icucam 5 (incl. 4,000 COINs) can be redeemed. 

Can only one voucher be redeemed per order or can several vouchers be redeemed? 

The code can only be used once and loses its validity afterwards.