The images/videos sent via the integrated SIM card are each billed as equivalent value with "COINs". Depending on the resolution, one image or one second of video has an equivalent value of "COINs".
COINs consumption, depending on the image size/resolution sent:

4G cameras:
icucam 5 & icucam 4
S - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 640 x 320
M - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 1,024 x 768
L - Image = 2 COINs, resolution: 1,280 x 960

For the models icueasy and iculite one COIN is charged per image.

Old or discontinued models:
3G cameras (icutrap/icuhunt)
S - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 640 x 320
M - Image = 2 COINs, resolution: 1,280 x 960
L - Picture = 4 COINs, resolution: 1,920 x 1,440

With mavoco/SIMhero SIM card transferred images (cameras from 2016-2018) do not cause COINs deduction.

The COINs balance is valid for all cameras in an account. COINs are not transferable to another account. The account is determined by the registration e-mail.

COINs credited once free of charge when registering a new camera expire if the purchase of the underlying camera is cancelled (i.e. unused free COINs expire).

If the account no longer has a COINs balance, it is no longer possible to upload or subsequently upload images.

The use of the "shared with" and "e-mail forwarding" functions is free.

A maximum of 400 images in standard resolution are stored on the ICUserver GmbH server. If the maximum number is exceeded, the oldest images will be deleted.

Video shipping:

Depending on the pricing model used, COINs are charged per second:

1 second = 2 COINs

1 second = 1 COIN

If reception is poor (RSSI <11), no videos will be sent. A maximum of 3 videos are stored on the server for 24 hours. The oldest videos are automatically deleted.

If the camera is not in use, no COINs are used up and the COINs credit remains unchanged. Purchased COINs do not expire automatically.

The following products "Plus" and "Premium" extend icuapp and have a selectable term (30 days, 90 days or one year). After this period, the extensions end automatically.