COINs & Premium Plans

Kamerasteuerung via Premium Plan und icuApp

This is the icuserver Premium Service

PREMIUM customers can change many camera settings remotely via the APP or web application in the item "Cameras" - "Control" - "Camera".

Full control over your camera

Change all camera settings remotely via the icuapp or the icuserver web application. Whether you have one or more cameras, you only pay once for the Premium package and can use all your products with Premium.


Manage the times at which your camera takes and sends images - simply pause image sending at certain times in the icuapp or in the icuWeb application.


Settings & Control

PREMIUM customers can change many camera settings remotely via the APP or web application in the item "Cameras" - "Control" - "Camera".

Kamera Einstellungen


  1. Request photo - A photo is taken and transmitted at the next status report of the camera. You can recognise manually triggered photos by the letter in the frame of the picture.

  2. Camera ID - tba.
  3. Camera mode - here you set whether only photos are taken or photos & videos are recorded.
  4. Image size - Here you set the desired resolution and image size in MP = megapixel.
  5. Night mode - Setting for a combination of highest quality and range. Max. increases the exposure time to extend the flash range for better night vision, but also reduces the image quality.
  6. Multiple photos - Here you can set the number of photos that will be taken when the shutter is released. The first picture of the series is sent.
  7. Video size - Here you can set the desired resolution of the video.

    VGA 640 x 480 Pixel
    HD 720p 1,280 x 720 Pixel
    Full HD 1080p 1,920 x 1080 Pixel
  8. Video length - here you set the length of the video in seconds.
  9. Delay - tba
  10. Sensitivity - a higher sensitivity means the sensor reacts more sensitively to movements of small objects even at a more distant detection distance.
  11. Time-lapse - Set to ON to set an interval. When the time-lapse is set, the camera's PIR sensor is switched off. The camera automatically takes photos (+ opt. videos) at the time intervals defined by the user.
  12. Working time - If no specific time is defined, the camera always triggers in active mode. You can use this setting to exclude times or, for example, only allow night shots.
  13. Max. Photos/day - regulates the maximum number of photos sent per day so that they always have their costs under control.
  14. Control - controls the time interval at which the camera dials into the network EVERY 3/6/24 HOURS at the respective full hour and "asks" for commands that have been entered. This can be, for example, a control command or a requested photo.
  15. Sent image size - controls the size of the images that are transmitted.

    icucam 4 & icucam lite - 4G cameras
    S - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 640 x 320
    M - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 1,024 x 768
    L - Image = 2 COINs, resolution: 1,280 x 960

    icutrap - 3G Camera
    S - Picture = 1 COIN, resolution: 640 x 320
    M - Image = 2 COINs, resolution: 1,280 x 960
    L - Picture = 4 COINs, resolution: 1,920 x 1,440

  16. SD endless memory - If this function is activated, the camera deletes the oldest image when the SD card memory is full and saves the newest image on the card. If OFF is selected, no image is saved when the memory is full.
  17. Sensor - the sensor can be deactivated with this.
  18. Save changes - Changes are only transferred to the camera after clicking on the "Save" button.