To request videos from an icuserver game camera, the cameras must be equipped with the video transmission function. This can be found in the product descriptions, technical specifications and firmwares of the respective models. The current model icucam 5 is equipped with a video transmission function.

If the technical requirements of the camera are met, you still have to set the "Photo & Video" mode. This can be done on the camera screen or via the icuapp. Control via the icuapp requires a Premium or Plus subscription. The calculation of the COIN consumption per video can be found in the Cost overview and description of services.

It's that simple:

If the above conditions are met (Photo & Video mode activated, sufficient COINs available and the technical requirements met), then a video is created and saved on the SD card every time motion is triggered. The length and format of the video are determined by the set values of the camera. Pictures taken by the app using "Request image" are requested - regardless of the mode - do not create videos.

If a video has been recorded by the camera, this is indicated by a small blue symbol in the lower right corner of the picture.

If you open the photo view (by clicking on the picture in the overview), you can request the video by clicking on the video icon.

The "8s" on the video icon means that a video with a length of 8 seconds has been recorded and can be requested. There is no fixed rule as to how long a video must be in order to be requested, as the length of the video is determined by the settings of the camera. If the symbol "8s" is displayed, this simply means that the video is 8 seconds long.

Clicking on the video icon will again display an explanation and information on how many COINs will be charged for the selected video.

If you request a video with a length of 8 seconds as a Plus or Premium customer, you will be charged a total of 8 COINs. As a Basic customer, downloading the video costs 16 COINs.

When you click on the button "Request video", the video is requested. The waiting time until the video is downloaded depends on how often the camera makes contact with the server. With the default settings, the camera connects once a day at midnight. However, you can change the settings so that the camera connects to the server once an hour instead. The video icon changes its appearance and now shows the symbol of a clock instead of seconds.

If the video has been successfully transferred to the server, you will be informed of this via push notification. You will find the message in the message centre in the icuapp. (bell)

To watch the video you have requested, click either on the link in the notification or on the photo whose video you have requested. Once the video has been successfully downloaded, the video icon (bottom right) is displayed and you can play the video.

Once the video is downloaded to your device, you can find it in your library or in the photo and video directory of your smartphone or in the download folder on your desktop PC.

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How many COINs are used to send the video?

The videos sent via the integrated SIM card are each charged with "COINs". For Plus and Premium customers, one second costs 1 COIN, for Basic customers 2 COINs.

What restrictions are there to consider when sending video?

If reception is poor (RSSI <11), no videos will be sent. A maximum of 3 videos are stored on the server for 24 hours.