icucloud - Web & icuapp

icuserver web portal

Click on the link below and log in with your registered e-mail address in the newly opened window.

Smartphone App

On your phone, select the appropriate link for your smartphone below:

Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Functions of the icuapp



  1. Period
  2. Image credit (COINs credit)
  3. Day, number of images, cameras in use
  4. Filter function
  5. Camera name
  6. Delete function
  7. App menu


  1. Switch image sending on/off
  2. Change camera name
  3. Signal strength
  4. Storage space (SD card)
  5. Sharing the camera with other users
  6. Battery indicator
  7. Delete camera
  8. Add more cameras


  1. Email addresses
  2. Recipient addresses of the images
  3. Camera menu
  4. Add more email addresses

Switch image sending on/off

As a registered owner of the camera and active user of a Premium Plan, image sending can be switched off via the web version or the app. (see Functions -> Settings 1.)

Bildversand ein-/ausschalten

It may take a few minutes for this command to be transmitted to the camera and images created in the meantime may still be sent despite being switched off. Please also note that this also applies to switching on the image transmission again and that here, too, a few minutes are needed until the transmission is activated again and images are transmitted to the app again.

Irrespective of the activation of the image transfer, the camera, provided it is switched on, continues to take pictures and save them on the SD card. These images are not transferred to the app when the camera is switched on again, but are only available on the SD memory card. This makes it possible to operate the camera as a regular game camera without COINs if you want to.